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Qhdtv | Reseller Instruction 



Qhdtv | Reseller Instruction

Press the red button 

Qhdtv | Reseller Instruction

 Fill username, password and write the numbers as you see. 

Qhdtv | Reseller Instruction

Here in dashboard you can assign new 1-year code or test code for the customer and to see the quantity of the codes you have.

QHDTV Reseller Instruction

- To assign code fill this by putting name, email, type of the device and the quantity of codes

(you can assign more than one code at the same time).

- If the device is mag box you must put the mac address of the customer box to active it in the server.


QHDTV Reseller Instruction

List of active codes you can control the codes by reset or block and edit the information of the customer.




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